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While there are a lot of approaches to enhance the sound originating from your TV’s speakers, sound bars are as of now the most famous. Today, about each significant speaker or TV producer has at any rate one in its lineup, and the once-novel sound bar classification has developed to offer a confounding exhibit of decisions in all way of sizes and costs. 

Remote speaker-expert Sonos has as of late hopped into the sound bar blend in with its all-new Playbar model. Charged as “The sound bar for music sweethearts,” the Playbar endeavors to wed the commonly home theater-driven sound bar with Sonos’ music-driven spilling highlights for a one of a kind minor departure from the topic. We got our gloves on one of the most readily accessible survey tests and put the Playbar under a magnifying glass. 

Out of the Box 

“Goodness!” That’s actually what left our mouths when we unpacked the Playbar just because—it unquestionably looks and feels more rich than your run of the mill plasticky sound bar. We were so enthralled by its smooth, matte-completed aluminum boards and fold over fabric grille, we was unable to quit running our hands over it. It nearly appeared to be mischievous the manner in which we were groping it, stroking each finely completed surface. 

Together with its formed edges, work secured end tops, and smooth, present day stylish, the Playbar’s numerous one of a kind plan contacts surely makes it extraordinary compared to other looking sound bars we’ve seen at this point. 

sonos soundbar 

At just shy of 35.5-inches wide, the Playbar isn’t the biggest sound bar we’ve tried, nor is it the littlest. Coupled to a stature of 5.51-inches and a profundity of 3.35-inches, the Playbar has a refreshingly slight structure factor, dissimilar to the more run of the mill box shape that is pervasive to most other sound bars. By and large, we preferred that the Playbar wasn’t estimated nor styled to be some contracting violet sitting over your A/V stand. 

Moving the Playbar for arrangement demonstrates it’s not simply some toy enveloped with extravagant bundling, either. With a load of about 12 pounds, the Sonos bar had a decent heave to it, feeling considerably more strong and latent than is regular for the class. 

Working our way around the unit’s body shows Sonos has fused some phenomenal situation and situating subtleties too, for example, its recessed jack board and elastic trim rings around the keyhole divider mount embeds. There are even two diverse IR sensor windows set on various sides to encourage situation choices – we’ll cover those choices in more detail later. 

Taking stock of different things inside the case, we found a Toslink fiber optic link, an AC power line, and client manuals settled in a different extras box.

The Sonos Playbar is particularly designed to sit down below or above your wall-installed TV, like the smaller and more compact Sonos Beam, whilst the Sonos Playbase is designed to take a seat underneath your TV, appearing as a base for units that sit on pinnacle of furniture.

Of direction you are not restrained to these setups and notwithstanding being the oldest of the 3 domestic theatre solutions from Sonos, some will find the elongated Playbar greatest. Others will need the compactness of the Beam, even as a few may decide on the slimness of the Playbase.

The Sonos Playbar’s design is dated in phrases of the relaxation of the Sonos portfolio however it’s miles nonetheless an remarkable option for improving your TV sound, even as also playing a huge component in a Sonos multi-room machine. It has had severa software program updates through the years, as well as a price hike of £one hundred, so with all that in mind, has does the Playbar paintings, have to you trouble, and what does it sound like?

Sonos pointers and tricks: Get the most out of your multi-room system


Measures 85mm x 900mm x 140mm, black only

Can be wall-installed or placed on pinnacle of furnishings

IR receiver, 2x Ethernet ports, no HDMI, no RCA inputs

The Sonos Playbar is lengthy, black and moody. That’s the immediately takeaway whilst you get the Sonos Playbar out of its field to set it up. It’s almost as extensive as a forty seven-inch TV and it could be wall-set up, or simply placed on pinnacle of furniture in front of your television.

The bar itself, like other Sonos speakers, is quite simple in its layout, though it looks an awful lot older than the more current additions we mentioned above. Newer Sonos audio system have a cleaner, more streamlined look with plastic playing a key position, whilst the Playbar has black cloth and gray steel trimmings along plastic, ensuing in a more officious and older appearance while as compared to the likes of the Playbase, Beam, Play:five, Sonos One, Sonos One SL and Sonos Move.

Some would possibly decide upon the Playbar’s layout, while others will experience the easy, easy traces of the more recent speakers inside the Sonos line-up.

There is an IR receiver panel on the front and pinnacle of the Playbar, so it would not be counted how you mount the speaker, at the same time as extent manipulate buttons and a mute button are gift on the proper-hand facet of the Playbar. This manner you could manually manage the volume in case you do not have your phone, pill, or TV far off to hand, but the buttons also are used for putting in the Playbar.

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