HD Theater SB 3 Review

Inconvenience is, most other tastefully conservative sound bars can look excessively little in specific circumstances. For instance, on the off chance that you have a 50-inch or bigger TV dangling from your divider, odds are acceptable that a small scale sound bar arrangement could look excessively estimated sitting legitimately underneath your ginormous TV. 

Fortunately, a couple of producers are hip to the way that a few customers could very well need a sound bar that looks as colossal as it sounds. You can consider Klipsch as a real part of those organizations that think greater is better. At a little more than 44-inches wide, Klipsch’s SB-3 sound bar is certainly not of the charming ‘n conservative assortment. We give it the full once-over to check whether its sound matches its looks. 

Out of the Box 

Klipsch ain’t messin’ around with the SB-3’s bundling, that is without a doubt. The sound bar/subwoofer combo came in the most humongous box we’ve at any point mauled for something like this, what with its circumference of right around 50-inches wide, 14-inches down and 17-inches tall. We were hoping to discover something the size of a Volkswagen transport inside, and the clamshell-stuffed sound bar settled in the highest point of the case didn’t disillusion. At a little more than 44-inches wide by 4.6-inches tall and 3 1/8-inches down, the Klipsch SB-3 is positively one of the biggest sound bars we’ve at any point laid hands on. 

In the wake of unpacking the entirety of the treats inside, we did an increasingly careful assessment of the SB-3’s segments which left us very dazzled with the strong form nature of its constituent parts. The two pieces highlight easily completed surfaces, and the sound bar’s bended finishes and removable grilles were particularly decent contacts. Taking a look underneath those grilles, we saw what resembled some great drivers and an extravagant pair of horn-stacked tweeters, the two of which are not frequently found in progressively common, passage level sound bars. We likewise valued the sub’s huge 10″ woofer and its unequivocally heavy feel. 

Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 tweater 

Significantly in the wake of removing the entirety of the pieces from that enormous external box, we despite everything had two unopened, subwoofer-sized boxes inside. From the start, we thought about whether Klipsch had committed an error and sent us three subwoofers. Be that as it may, when we opened those containers, we were disheartened to discover only dead air hanging tight for us inside. 

All of which implies about 66% of the Klipsch SB-3’s bundling shouldn’t be there. Klipsch could most likely make wrangling that thing a lot simpler for the customer on the off chance that they truly needed to by taking out such dead space. 

Maybe the SB-3’s most striking component, beside its size, is its excellent drivers. 

We’re certain Klipsch had its reasons, as perhaps the simplicity of putting away and shipping something evenly formed or whatever. Besides, we’re almost certain Klipsch utilizes a similar bundling with various illustrations for its sister organizations’ other sound bar/sub combos. None of that, nonetheless, shields use from wishing that Klipsch would endeavor to utilize its bundling assets, if just to make pulling this thing over from the store only somewhat simpler.

Trouble is, maximum other aesthetically-compact sound bars can appearance a touch too small in certain situations. For instance, in case you’ve got a 50-inch or large TV hanging from your wall, chances are proper that a mini sound bar setup should appearance disproportionately sized sitting immediately under your ginormous TV.

Luckily, some manufacturers are hip to the fact that some clients just may want a legitimate bar that looks as massive as it sounds. You can remember Klipsch amongst those agencies that suppose larger is better. At simply over forty four-inches extensive, Klipsch’s SB-3 sound bar is certainly not of the lovely ‘n compact variety. We deliver it the entire rundown to look if its sound suits its looks.

Klipsch ain’t messin’ around with the SB-3’s packaging, that’s for positive. The sound bar/subwoofer combination came within the maximum humongous box we’ve ever manhandled for one of these element, what with its girth of virtually 50-inches extensive, 14-inches deep and 17-inches tall. We have been looking ahead to to find some thing the scale of a Volkswagen bus inner, and the clamshell-packed sound bar nested in the top of the box did not disappoint. At just over forty four-inches extensive via four.6-inches tall and three 1/8-inches deep, the Klipsch SB-three is really one in all the largest sound bars we’ve ever laid fingers on.

After unboxing all the goodies inner, we did a extra thorough examination of the SB-three’s components which left us pretty impressed with the strong build first-rate of its constituent elements. Both portions feature easily-finished surfaces, and the sound bar’s curved ends and removable grilles had been especially quality touches. Taking a peek underneath the ones grilles, we noticed what looked like a few splendid drivers and a flowery pair of horn-loaded tweeters, each of which aren’t regularly found in extra standard, access-level sound bars. We also favored the sub’s big 10” woofer and its solidly hefty experience.

Even after taking all of the portions out of that great outer field, we still had two unopened, subwoofer-sized bins interior. At first, we puzzled if Klipsch had made a mistake and sent us three subwoofers. But as soon as we opened those bins, we had been saddened to locate not anything but dead air anticipating us inside.

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